Horses-with people { 1867 images } Created 23 Jun 2009

Horses with People, recreation, work, native americans, indians, cowboys, cowgirls, women, girls, kids, people at work and play, parades, colts, mares, draft horses, quarter horses, rodeos, paint horses, winter, ranch rodeos, roping, Montana, teamwork, saddle bronc, bareback, ranches, ranching, trail riding, ski joring, danger, action, horse racing, pick up men, barrel racing, kids, herds, scenics, jumping, dressage, eventing, horse farming, enactments, carousel horses, mountain men, cavalry, appaloosa, women, bucking horses, horse trainers, running, stallions, families, ranching, ranch horses, mares and colts, herds, breeding, scenic, landscapes, horse sales, gathering, parades, horse shows, jumping, dressage, eventing, cross country, cutting, indian reservations, travel, ranch rodeos, brandings, cowboy mounted shooting, seniors, appaloosa, farming, ponies, wild horse races, Allen Russell Photography
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